At FIT we are committed to online and innovative but highly contrasted training. We base our education on a methodology based on the study and development of the case method, which from a practical perspective teaches the techniques of effective company management. Online training has a number of special advantages over traditional face-to-face teaching methods, including the fact that training and study can be carried out from anywhere in the world where we have a device connected to the internet. In addition, it is the student who sets his own pace of learning, following the recommendation of the Educational Coach. The study is carried out in a more proactive way than in face-to-face programs, with permanent and immediate updates of the course contents and with exhaustive monitoring of the training process thanks to the computer tools that allow us to obtain any report or statistics of it. The Virtual Campus has all the necessary elements and processes to provide you with a rigorous, enjoyable and practical educational experience that makes the most of the capabilities of new technologies and the online nature of the Centre.

Educational Coach

The student will count at all times with a personal Educational Coach who will accompany you throughout the entire program and will take care to provide the tools, means and materials needed to complete successfully


You can access your course 24/7 from anywhere

Constant comunication

Ease of constant communication with your Educational Coach and teachers

Easy to use

The platform is very intuitive which will allow you to focus on your learning objectives