The Centre of Finance, Innovation & Technology

The Centre of Finance, Innovation & Technology (FIT) is a unique partnership bringing together experts from academia and the financial industry worldwide to combine their knowledge and practical experience to offer a distinctive program focused on career and job development. A state-of-the-art learning platform facilitates innovative training while insightful case studies allow for learners to apply their skills to scenarios of real world financial and technical markets.

The last technology revolution occurred as information exchanges developed via the internet, giving rise to online commerce; virtual communities; customer profiling and unprecedented marketing activities. The Centre of Finance, Innovation & Technology aims to develop a private sector approach to a dynamic university model.

FIT is clustered around three main pillars:

  • Education: Professional training programs, graduate diplomas, certifications and seminars all aimed at providing individuals with access to information and education on all aspects of financial technology relevant to contemporary business.

  • Research: Fuel innovation by conducting research activities; producing research papers, technical reports and consulting documents.

  • Technology transfer: Assist commercial enterprises with product creation and enhancement utilizing the know-how generated by FIT.

Our Vision

The FIT Program is a highly recognized post graduate professional certification for the financial services industry. This certificate provides young professionals with the highest level of training focusing on the latest technological trends such as AI and Blockchain. FIT bridges the gap between a foundational university degree and the business requirements of an increasingly technologized financial services industry. A certificate from FIT brings tremendous value-add to companies allowing practitioners to apply their skills in real-time to real-world scenarios.