Innovation Finance Technology

The Certificate in Finance, Innovation and Technology (FIT)
sets a leading standard for the Financial Service Industry

The financial industry is undergoing fundamental changes. New technologies affect the relationships with customers and they are disrupting the forces that drive competition at the same time as regulation is affecting new ways of doing business. The rapid change of industries across all sectors is creating the need for professionals to adapt to skills in parallel to their daily occupation. This Certificate is designed to train individuals to have a solid foundation on the new disciplines that are needed to success in today’s environment. FIT’s curriculum of the FIT Certificate includes a comprehensive coverage of the various contemporary elements of technology as it relates to the financial sector, from Machine Learning to BlockChains, from Data Science to new advances in regulation. Our training offering is designed to serve candidates worldwide while we work with financial institutions internationally to promote a new standard of training.

The FIT Certificate is regulated by committees of international experts. The certificate consists of 3 levels with the corresponding exams conducted upon completion of the training program of each level. A passed-exam after level 3 will meet the criteria for the issuance of the certificate by the Fields Institute.

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